AntiSwell BodyDetox Turmeric FootSoak
AntiSwell BodyDetox Turmeric FootSoak
AntiSwell BodyDetox Turmeric FootSoak
AntiSwell BodyDetox Turmeric FootSoak

AntiSwell BodyDetox Turmeric FootSoak

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 A whole body cleansing in a natural way at the comfort of your home.Need a whole-body-detox? Experience a full body detoxification at the very comfort of your home as we are happy to offer an all-natural way to detox your whole body with no chemical and medical ingredients involved.Introducing the AntiSwell BodyDetox Turmeric FootSoak, an ORGANIC FOOT BATH whose Natural Ingredients have a CLEANSING FUNCTION that DRAWS OUT TOXINS in your body overnight.100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS and GINGER TURMERIC:

Made of HERBAL ingredients with the KEY POWER of Ginger Turmeric that PRODUCES Anti-Swelling, RELAXATION of Muscles and Joints, IMPROVE Blood Circulation and REDUCES Fat Cells.


It is DESIGNED to REDUCE the Body Swelling and SOOTHE the Body Pain caused by Overwork, Stress, Fatigue, and more. ALL-NATURAL DETOXIFICATION:

Works just like how trees suck up water from the roots. Based upon the ANCIENT REFLEXOLOGY PRINCIPLES, that indicates natural detox “trap door” on the foot sole.


Supports Vitality, Improve Sleep Quality, Relieve Stress and Tension, Enhance Mood, Better Well-Being and More.AntiSwell BodyDetox Turmeric FootSoak is SUPER EASY to use. It is PROVEN and TESTED to have FAST RESULTS as early as 1st usage.



I am a fulltime mom of a 10-year-old and 10-month-old. Which makes me move around the house whole day, every day. Add up the errands that I am doing from time to time. This causes my legs to swell up and started to experience cramping and aching. The stress also causes me to not sleep well and I noticed that I have been gaining weight since I am stress eating. I saw this product and said “why not give it a shot” and I can say IT IS THE BEST DECISION I have made! This foot bath not just helped my body relaxed but also it cleansed out the toxins and helped me to lose weight! I started losing weight naturally because I don’t do diet and have no time exercising but I continuously feeling light and seeing my clothes suddenly doesn’t fit because they’re big. I used to weigh 350lbs and with continuous usage of this foot soak, I am now 200lbs! My legs started to get slim, it its not swollen any more and the frequent cramps and ache are gone! What is best is, I can easily sleep and my sleep is deep. When I wake up, I feel super recharged and energized that I can happily do the house chores and take care of my family. It is super easy to use just need warm water and a pale of basin to soak your feet. You can do in any area of your house. I can even do it while nursing my baby! Super convenient body cleansing. I highly recommend this product! It’s a life changing! 

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